Personal Project: Captain Future, 2020 Work in Progress

All Aspects

Kpt. Plasto – Was Kostet Die Welt, 2020

Filming, Editing, VFX

Lingua Franca Teaser, 2019


Bachelor Project: Birth in 360┬░ VR, 2016
(Youtube age restricted)

Shot with 3 Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K, Custom 3D-Printed Rig, Stitched in Nuke with CaraVR
All Aspects

Show Reel, 2015

Havoc, 2015

Student Project: Filming, Editing, Compositing / FX

Gaia, 2015

Student Project: Compositing / FX

Cabron, 2014

Student Project: All Aspects

Bau des Fernw├Ąrmespeichers im Kraftwerk Lausward, 2016

Time-lapse Editing

Bau des Anschutz Areal, Berlin, 2019

Time-lapse Editing

Tiger simulation wip, 2016

All Aspects

Live Projection, 2015

Projection Set-up, Motion Graphics

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